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freediver exploring underwater landscapes in tenerife


Freediving is the art of diving on breath-hold.
For thousands of years, freediving has been a tool for people to hunt and gather.
Freediving is a skill we all have but we need to discover first our potential in order to be able to use it.
Freediving is also a fast-growing sport surprising us regularly with what humans are capable of.
Freediving allows you to look from a very different and unique perspective at yourself, and enables you to interact very naturally with water and acuatic wildlife.
Tenerife has excellent conditions for freediving, water temperatures between 18-24 degrees and usually underwater visibility from 15-40m!
There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to freedive...
freediver diving with instructor

try freediving

3h - 80€

Take a glimpse at what Freediving is all about

coming up from dive

padi freediver

2 days - 300€

Become a certified PADI Freediver

gliding to the surface


Private session - 65€

Double session - 100€

Increase your confidence, sharpen your skills.

try free
safety freediver selfie

try freediving

Try Freediving
Duration: 3h

Price: 80€
Meeting point: 09:30, Alcalá
half day

If you feel attracted by the idea of Freediving but don't yet feel convinced of wanting to book a full course, then this is your chance to form yourself an opinion.

Get introduced into the basic theory and skillset for freediving. After an introduction into Freediving in general we will speak about how diving on breath-hold, mammalian dive reflex and rising pressure underwater affect your body. You will get insight into the importance of your mind in the sport, you will practice breathing and relaxation, get to know the equipment, prepare and finally apply everything holding your breath underwater.

Insurance included.

full day
course free
padi freediver diving down

PADI freediver course

PADI Freediver Course
Duration: 2 days

Price: 300€
Start: 9:30, Alcalá

Freediving is about inner power, discipline and control. If you've always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath will allow... then this course is for you. Here you will learn everything from breathing and relaxation to safety measures and equalization at depth - everything you need to know to be able to immerse yourself in the magic of the ocean in a real and direct way.

Small groups of max. 2 persons, equipment and insurance is included.

The course has three pillars:

  • Theory: Knowledge development through independent study with PADI Freediver Touch™ and/or classroom sessions.

  • Confined Water: Confined water session to learn static and dynamic freediving techniques, as well as safety procedures and proper buddy training. The objective is to do a 90 second static freedive and a 25 metre dynamic freedive (swimming horizontally).

  • Open water: Open water sessions to practice free immersion (descending along a rope using your hands) and constant weight (descending using your fins), as well as proper safety and buddy procedures. The objective is to perform a 10-16 metre constant weight freedive.

The practical part of the course lasts 2 days. The full course is priced at 300€ and includes learning materials, equipment, dive insurance, all practical training and (after completing all requirements) PADI Freediver certification. Requirements: minimum age 15 years (minors need a signed guardian permission), be able to swim 200 metres and have completed a medical questionnaire.

Check out as well the information about the PADI Freediver Course at PADI´s official homepage.

Booking & Cancellation policy: In order to book this course you need to pay 100€ in advance. There is no refund possible if you have to cancel the course.

Why would you not get a refund? Because once you do the initial payment you will get access to your PADI e-learning website on There you have all the online theory for your course (actually for all the three PADI Freediving courses).

freediver performing a turn


Freediving Private Training
Duration: 1.5h

Price: 65€
Start: 9.30

Take advantage of the favourable sea conditions here in southern Tenerife: more sun and less wind, good visibility between 15-40 meters and a pleasant water temperature (18-24 degrees) all year round.

Practice good sensations and improve your technique under supervision - numbers don't matter, but magic and beauty do. We review the technique and work on where you want to become more confident or where you want to improve.

1:1 sessions with your instructor help you get the most out of your time on the rope.

Only private training is offered, no mixed groups.

Maximum depth 30 metres.

A single training session costs 65€. Take advantage of the special offer for a double session with a small break in between for only 100€.

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