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Guide and Instructor Mehran

Mehran Azali

Breathingwater Tour Guide

PADI Freediving Instructor

Emergency First Response Instructor

PADI Scuba Instructor

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French.

Exploring ways to create a deeper connection with the Sea.

"International would be a good word" to describe him, according to people. Mehran was born in the USA, but grew up in Switzerland with a Swiss mother and an Iranian father. Growing up with two different languages in such a small country with four official languages made it easy for him to speak four different languages fluently, while still very young.

But even more than languages he had always loved nature. His favourite childhood memories are the hours spent hiding in a tree, following deer tracks in the forest or collecting mushrooms.

When he grew up and it was time to receive his final exam marks after high school, he had actually already set off on adventure.

He travelled through Europe, spent several years in Greece and finally crossed the Atlantic to explore the wilderness of Latin America. After a year in Mexico, he arrived to Colombia where love and a new family asked him for a change of pace. Always working as a diver, he then began to focus on the well-being of his family. Ironically, after some beautiful years in the Caribbean it was this change of focus that made him travel one more time: In 2017 he and his family arrived to the beautiful Canary Island of Tenerife. Since then, he has fallen in love with this island and its lovely people.

After five years working as a diving instructor here in the Canary Islands and now father of two children, he realized that the time had come to start his own professional adventure. It was impossible to separate himself from the sea that he loves so much, but wanted his way of working to be as close as possible to his way of being and seeing the world. So...

Welcome to a more intimate way of exploring and interacting with the Ocean. The Sea is one of the most powerful elements we know and has fascinated the human being since its first steps on earth. Breathingwater wants to be a bridge, a tool to support you to immerse yourself as fully as possible in this magical element. You will forget all problems and duties of everyday life and just live the moment.

The purest, freest and most respectful ways of interacting with the sea and its inhabitants are the ones where we use our own body instead of motors and technical equipment. According to breathingwaters' philosophy, less is more:

  • kayaking - without motor, feeling the gentle movements of the water as you paddle and glide across its surface.

  • snorkelling - an easy way to enjoy the underwater world from the surface, an excellent choice for beginners.

  • freediving – breath-hold diving empowers you to become one with the wonders of the sea, to swim among the fish like one of them, without noisy equipment and in the most natural way.

If you want to experience rain, you can't leave the house with boots, raincoat and umbrella. The same applies to people who want to have a real experience with the sea. Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff and experience a very intimate moment.

For Mehran, offering you these tours and courses is a dream come true - if you love nature, the sea and its inhabitants and want to explore up close, let him take you on an unforgettable day out.

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