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Alcalá, Guía de Isora


My hometown Alcalá... why you should not miss a visit during your stay in Tenerife.

Alcalá is a small coastal town in the south-western coast of Tenerife, enjoying probably the most stable and mildest climate of all Canary Islands. Even in the coldest months, most of the days you will feel fine using shorts and a t-shirt during the daytime.

It developed from a tiny fishermen’s village into a beautiful small town. Mostly overlooked by tourists, the charm lies in its authenticity: tiny roads, small cafes and restaurants, little beaches and natural pools, all connected by a beautiful promenade and populated by a few tourists alongside many local people. Away from the tourist hotspots and the big hotels, here you will find an easy-going and authentic place in the middle of the busy south-western coast of Tenerife.

Every Monday there is a little market on the main square Plaza del Llano where local farmers sell their produce, mostly vegetables and cheese. The square is surrounded by little cafés, the perfect start into the day.

There is a small pebble beach right next to the main square where mostly families go with their small children, then there is a little harbor ("el muelle") next to is that is frequented mostly by local children and teenagers who jump and play around. Its very clean and you even have a shower next to the little beach.

Following the seaside promenade you will find the Jaquita beach in front of the town’s only hotel:

The Hotel Gran Melia Palacio de Isora, a 5-star-hotel on the outskirts of the village with Europe’s largest saltwater pool.

Jaquita beach offers toilets, showers and there is even a café bar right there.

Following the promenade, you will then reach several natural pools which allow safe swimming for elderly people and children most of the days even if the sea is a bit rough (careful with high tide on the rough days as the waves might wash over the rock into the pools). It’s a great place for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming especially for those who might not feel completely confident in the sea.

One the same promenade you also find several big playgrounds for children along with a calisthenics park, skate park, beach volley field, basket ball field etc. These places are full of life and create plenty of opportunities to watch the sun set, work out, stroll around or get in touch with the locals.


Apart from all these qualities I love the underwater world in and around Alcalá’s Turtle Bay. Its mostly very shallow, so perfect for snorkelling or freediving. There is a lot of fish and plenty of different species, some who are difficult to find in other areas of the island. Additionally, the volcanic rock formations are as impressive underwater as they are on the surface. They create plenty of underwater cliffs, canyons, arches and cavers – an exiting place to swim through. The warm water (18°C in winter, 25°C in summer) and the good visibility (up to 30m on the best days) make sure it’s the perfect playground for water lovers. Swimming, paddling and diving this place nearly every day for the last 6 years allows me guiding you through the most interesting corners of this amazing little piece of coastline, making sure you get the most out of.

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