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sunset kayaking tour Tenerife


Discovering natural, sustainable and adventurous ways of relating to the sea...
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Breathingwater specializes in 100% sustainable Ocean Experiences for everybody.

Our Kayaking & Snorkelling tours offer a unique way to discover the islands' rich wildlife and astonishing volcanic landscapes - both over and below the water surface.


Our PADI Freediving education gives you all the confidence, skill and knowledge you need to safely discover the depths and continue exploring your acuatic potential.

All activities take place around Alcalá, Tenerife's most authentic corner of the south-west: a small coastal town with still very little tourism but lots of charm.

The focus on highly personal treatment guarantees you the highest level of individual support, safety and adventure.

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  • ACTIVE. Use your body
  • PERSONAL. Private or small groups
  • SAFE. PADI and First Aid Instructor
  • 100% sustainable

The purest, freest and most respectful ways of interacting

with the sea and its inhabitants are the ones where we use

our own body instead of motors and technical equipment.

According to breathingwaters' philosophy, less is more...

services for about

Fran Whales

“an unforgettable experience"

Fleur Van Gestel

"Mehran (...) is really enthousiastic and speaks fluently english. We were a little bit scared of getting into the water, but we trusted him and he let us felt safe!"

Doc Schfr

"A unique and fantastic experience for which we are very thankful and that we would repeat anytime. 100% recommendable!"

Zab Smith

"Mehran is one of the best instructors I ever had."

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